Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I found food coloring!!

I have lived here in Taiwan for almost six years now. The first year, I had to "import" taco seasoning and jello packets from the States in the Christmas goody box my family sent me.  Now I can find all of these things at certain grocery stores. However, when Easter was fast approaching I realized that FOOD COLORING, an all important resource for dying Easter eggs, was no where to be found.
Thankfully, a new friend, who enjoys baking very much, steered me to this shop near LiuZhangLi MRT Station (Brown Line): 

樂烘焙材料器具 (Love Baking)

Not only did they have food coloring (the traditional 4-colored liquid kind, and multiple paste kinds), they also had EASTER cookie cutters! They also stock many other baking supplies and ingredients. I highly recommend this shop!
AND it started raining while I was shopping, so the owners sent me on my way with an umbrella! An unexpected gift and a great experience!

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