Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving CelebrationSSSSSS

ast year, Thanksgiving made me homesick. I missed my family, turkey, pumpkin pie, football, etc. This year, even though I didn't get to celebrate by sitting down with my family over a HUGE turkey, I got to celebrate for 3-days-straight with many of my "new" friends. No matter how I look at it, I have much to give thanks for!

On Thanksgiving Day (Thursday), I decided to take a small treat for my class. Thanksgiving is a day to eat traditional food... so I bought some traditional Taiwanese candies for my classmates :-) Thursday evening, in honor of the holiday and to have some fun after our mid-term exams, a bunch of friends and I went to KTV! We sang songs and danced until the wee-hours of the morning.

After going home for a 'power-nap', I returned to Taoyuan city, where the director of our graduate school treated us to a "Thank You" dinner. Not to celebrate Thanksgiving, but to thank us for our help with the Ministry of Education assessment. :-)

Saturday evening, I was lucky enough to attend our church's Thanksgiving party (an outreach event for college students.) They had planned for about 150 people, but almost twice that number showed up. Although, each person only got a taste of the turkey and pumpkin pie, it was amazing to spend time with so many friends and meet lots of new ones! Eddie, Angel, and other friends from church did a great job planning and hosting the party and service! Afterward our "service" got underway and we had a wonderful time singing, praying and GIVING THANKS together!

Chinese Bible Online!

I just found the complete Bible online and in CHINESE!

The link below takes you to the International Bible Society website. You can download the Bible in .pdf version for FREE in either Traditional or Simplified Chinese characters!


I never knew that this existed! They also have free, ready-to-download .pdf versions in 33 different languages! :-)