Monday, June 29, 2009

Going South!!!

Here is our detailed 4-day itinerary including our estimated expenses:

Day 1: 第一天


Taipei to Kaohsiung (左營站), via High Speed Rail (HSR)

Depart 06:30 - Arrive 08:30 35% Off Promotion

Ticket: NT$965/person

Subtotal: NT$ 1,930

Explore Kaohsiung City:

Transportation – KTRC 1-day pass (一日暢遊卡)

From the Zuoying Station(左營站) walk to Lotus Lake

Spend the morning exploring 蓮池潭, including

visiting Dragon & Tiger Pagodas, Spring & Autumn

Pavilions, and various temples. Snack:刀削麵.

Take the KMRT from Zuoying to Sizihwan (西 子灣站).

Ferry to Chijin Island. Seafood Lunch! (旗津)

Explore the beach & lighthouse.

Ferry back. Visit British Consulate (英國領事館)

Take KMRT to SinYi Elementrary School ( 義國小站)

Walk & Check into 85 Fortune Hotel (details below).


Take KMRT to Formosa Blvd Station ( 麗島站)

Shopping & Dinner at Liouhe Night Market (六合夜市)

Take KMRT to Yanchenpu Station( 埕埔站)

Walk to Love River (愛河). Nightscene boat tour.

Dessert and romantic stroll along the Love River.

MRT back to SinYi Elementrary School ( 義國小站)

Time for bed! 晚安!

Pass: NT$ 700/person

Snack: NT$ 100*

Lunch: NT$ 500*

Dinner: NT$ 500*

Tour : NT$ 100/person

Dessert : NT$ 200*

Subtotal: NT$ 2,900

Lodging: 85 Fortune Hotel, Kaoshiung

Subtotal: NT$ 1,500

Daily Total: NT$ 6,330

Day 2: 第二天


Kaohsiung to Tainan, via TRA Local Train

Depart: 08:43 - Arrive: 09:38

Ticket: NT$ 69/person

Subtotal: NT$ 138

Explore Tainan City:

Transportation: on-foot and by the FREE Tainan City

Tourism and Recreational Bus

From the Train Station we’ll walk to (1) Koxinga’s Shrine (延平郡王祠), then continue down Shulin St. (maybe stopping for a spot of tea) before exploring (2) the Great Southern Gate and sections of the old city way (大南門城). From there we will pass by the (3) Confucius Temple (孔廟) and visit the (4) Taiwanese Literature Museum. After a quick visit to the museum, we’ll pass by the (5) Altar of Heaven (天壇) and the (6) Official God of War Temple (祀典武廟). We will definitely stop to sample the famous (7) A Chuan Melon Drink (阿傳冬瓜茶). Then we’ll visit the (8) Chikan Towers (赤崁樓). (Along the way we will enjoy the traditional snacks of Tainan!) Then we will take the FREE tourist bus to An-Ping to visit (9) Fort Zeelandia (安平古堡) and the old streets of (10) An-Ping (安平老街). We’ll finish our Tainan city tour with a dinner of traditional Tainan delicacies at (11) An-Ping Gui Ji Local Cuisine Cultural Restaurant (安平貴記美食文化館) and take the FREE bus back to the train station!


(1)Ticket: NT$ 50/person

(7) Tea: NT$ 30/person

(8)Ticket: NT$ 50/person

Snacks/Lunch NT$300

(9)Ticket: NT$ 50/person

(11) Dinner: NT$ 500

Subtotal: NT$ 1,160

Tainan to Chiayi (嘉義), via TRA Local Train

Depart: 20:06 - Arrive: 21:09

Walk to hotel國園大飯店提供 (details below)

Ticket: NT$ 160/person

Subtotal: NT$ 320

Lodging: 國園大飯店提供, Chiayi

Subtotal: NT$ 950

Daily Total: NT$ 2,568

Day 3: 第三天


Early Breakfast at Hotel in ChiaYi


Forest Train to Alishan (阿里山)

Enjoy the breathtaking mountain views on our train-ride

to Alishan!

Ticket: NT$ 400/person*

Subtotal: NT$ 800

Explore Alishan:

Picnic lunch, walk, and sunset dinner.

Snacks: NT$ 300*

Dinner: NT$ 400*

Subtotal: NT$ 700

Lodging in Alishan

Subtotal: NT$ 2,000

Daily Total: NT$ 3,500

Day 4: 第四天


Sunrise at Alishan

4:30 AM bus arranged by the hotel

Ticket: NT$ 300/person*

Subtotal: NT$ 600

Brunch & Nap at hotel, Alishan

Resting, scenic walking, shopping, (阿里山高山茶)

Brunch: NT$ 400*

Shopping: NT$ 500

Subtotal: NT$ 900

Forest Train from Alishan to Chiayi

Round Trip Tickets bought on Day 3

Visit Chiayi Chochi Ceramic Museum (交趾陶舘)

Dinner in Chiayi, the original Turkey Rice (火雞飯)


Dinner: NT$ 300*

Subtotal: NT$ 300

Transfer to Chiayi HSR Station

Chiayi to Taipei, via High Speed Rail (HSR)

Depart: 22:03 - Arrive: 23:18 35% Off Promotion


Subtotal: NT$ 1,400

Lodging: Hostel in Taipei

Daily Total: NT$ 3,200

*These are estimated expenses.

When Herbal Tea meets Coca-Cola...

Herbal Tea and Coca-Cola-- both are delicious, refreshing drinks; however, they are extremely different from each other. It’s the same for our team members, Eddie and Natalie. We are both graduate students in Taiwan, but we have very different backgrounds and interests!

Eddie (林政佑) is a city boy who grew up in Taichung, Taiwan. He is currently studying in the International Master’s Program in Communication Studies (IMICS) at National ChengChi University. When he’s not busy studying or teaching English, Eddie enjoys learning new languages (currently French), watching movies, eating ice cream for dessert and then exercising off the extra calories. And oh, yes, he likes to drink herbal tea!

Natalie (林娜娜 ) is a country girl from Michigan, USA. She is studying at the Graduate School of International Affairs (GSIA) at Ming Chuan University. When she’s not practicing her Chinese, her hobbies include taking lots of photos, exploring new places in Taiwan and shopping for the perfect pair of shoes. And you guessed it: she enjoys drinking Coca-Cola!

We do have something in common: a passion for traveling, meeting new people and discovering new places!

During our 4-day trip we’ll show you southern Taiwan like you’ve never seen it before! We’re both “國際 (international) majors, so along the way we’ll highlight “foreign footprints” in Taiwan.

Taiwan has been internationally connected for hundreds of years. As we visit Kaohsiung (高雄), Tainan (台南), and Alishan(阿里山), we’ll show you “footprints” from foreign influences ranging from the Dutch and the British to the Japanese and the Ming Dynasty King Kongxinga (zheng成功).

In addition this “history lesson”, we’ll also showcase the diversity that makes Taiwan a spectacular place to visit. We’ll travel from modern Kaohsiung to historical Tainan and finally to natural Alishan. And of course, no trip would be complete without sampling the AMAZING snacks and signature dishes of every place we visit!

So whether you prefer herbal tea or Coca-Cola, we guarantee you’ll enjoy our 4-day Best Trip in Taiwan!!

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Best Trip in Taiwan Contest

We are so excited about the Best Trip in Taiwan Contest!
There is no better opportunity to combine the things we love:
traveling and sharing our adventures through global communication!

Our itinerary and introduction are
coming soon...

Follow this link for the official rules and more details: Best Trip in the World