Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chicken Dinner! (NOT ZEHNDERS!)

Sunday afternoon chicken dinner, sounds familiar... here it is Taiwan-style!

Step 1: Pick your favorite bird.

Step 2: BBQ!

Step 3: Enjoy!

*Note: That's Eddie getting ready to tuck into a truly WHOLE chicken*

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

MOFA: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

I never miss a chance to
dress up and skip class!!! :-)


Tuesday was a very eventful day for Eddie. In the morning he (finally) found out that he was accepted to National Chen Chi University's Master's program (International Communications). He was especially happy because 1)all the hard work he put into preparing for the test/interview paid off, and 2) he can postpone his mandatory military service until he finishes his studies (and hopefully won't be assigned as a Marine!)

At MOFA awards ceremony

We're both very amazed at the amazing way our Lord has blessed us!

Who knows what He has in store for our futures!

Eddie with the head of Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In addition to the scholarship awards ceremony, we got to watch performances by the newly appointed MOFA officers (basically junior diplomats). It was very unexpected and delightful! It's good to know that although these professionals have very serious , high-stress jobs, they also take time to relax and enjoy different cross-cultural activities. (Pictures and video at: )
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Sunday, May 4, 2008

GuangDu Nature Park!

Taiwan's Mandarin Test of Proficiency (TOP) was on Saturday. So EVERYBODY had get up early on a beautiful Saturday morning and go take a standardized test. This time around, I elected to take the Basic Level Test. (I passed the beginner level last fall.) The test wasn't too hard, but everyone agreed that we all needed more time to finish the grammar and reading sections!

After the test, Eddie met me at the nearest MRT station and we walked to ShiDa night market to Mary Jane's pizza for lunch. I have been craving good pizza for a while now, so it was a delicious treat after a morning of critical thinking!!

Mary Jane's pizza
(The Greek: Feta Cheese, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Olives and Green Peppers: YUM!)

After lunch, I needed to get out of the city, so Eddie and I headed for Danshui with the intention of renting bikes and biking along the river. Instead, we ended up getting off the MRT at GuangDu Station and visiting the GuangDu Birdwatching Nature Park. There weren't many birds-- early spring and late fall are peak migration times-- but we still had an enjoyable walk in the sunshine.

Scenic pond in GuangDu Nature Park.

After our walk, it was time for me to head home and take a well-deserved nap!
Just another weekend in Taipei :-)

Sunny Day!
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